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Sutturah Cyrillic sneak peek

Designing the Sutturah Cyrillic was bit of a challenge, but its release is imminent (June 2012) and here is a little sneak peek only for you.
Sutturah (designed by Octavio Pardo) is a display font intended for poster and editorial design. It was born as an exploration of new text patterns. This remarkable piece balancing on the edge of readability already received high acclaim from the design community. It was among the Best of 2012 on Typographica and recently it received the prestiguous TDC award for excellence in type design. We are indebted to Sergei Egorov for his keen comments and help with this project. The Cyrillic font includes all glyphs from Latin and adds support for 25 languages using Cyrillic.

Sutturah Cyrillic is now available for presale. Order the font now to be the first one to get it when it is released. Find it in the Sutturah shopping options »

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Date: May 2012
Font(s): Sutturah
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