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2012 officially marked “Five Centuries of Armenian Printing”. and an anniversary book, ‘The Diaspora of Armenian Printing 1512-2012’ was published. The book commemorates the printers, their books and their printing types from the first book printed in Venice to the present day. For technical and political reasons, all Armenian books were printed outside Armenia until 1771. The art of Armenian printing developed in major centres like Venice, Constantinople and Amsterdam, but also in many others around the world. 
The book was written by John A. Lane, a historian of printing types, and contains a wealth of excellent illustrations. It accompanied the exhibition “The diaspora of the Armenian Book 1512-2012”, held from June to September 2012 at the Special Collections Library of the University of Amsterdam and from December 2012 to March 2013 at the National Library of Armenia in Yerevan.
The Armenian text is set in Arek by Khajag Apelian (and published by Rosetta), the English text is set in Armnhem by Fred Smeijers. It was carefully designed by Frederik de Wal.

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Date: March 2013
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