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Award logo moderncyrillic09
Modern Cyrillic 2009
Award logo tdc2
Certificate of Excellence in Type Design, TDC2 2010
Award logo granshan 2x
First prize, Granshan 2013 (Arabic)
Award logo letter.2
Letter.2 2011
Rosetta provides design and consultancy services to large companies, broadcasters, academic institutions, other type foundries, as well as type enthusiasts around the world.
“The many prestigious design awards that Nassim has received are testaments to its fresh and contemporary design, and with its range of weights enabled us to achieve the typographic hierarchy we required.”
Kutlu Çanlıoğlu, BBC Future Media
“Skolar accomplishes the goal sought after by virtually every text face: to make its mark with a distinct personality and yet remain effortlessly readable by letting that personality slip secretly and silently into the background.”
Elliot Jay Stocks
“… the results demonstrated a 5x increase in reading speed. [… The new Persian VOA site] was extremely well received and many users commented on how much better the site looks and how much more readable the text appears; …”
Bruce Bahmani, Voice of America
“The Armenian typography has old history but it’s still too young compared to Latin computer fonts. There is not enough fonts for making layouts, and we are always looking for something interesting and new. So when I’ve accidentally found Arek it was a good luck for us.”
Gegham Vardanyan, Yerevan magazine