Rosetta addresses the needs of global typography. Together with our collaborators we create original fonts for a polyphonic world.

Our work has been featured and awarded. But most importantly it has enabled people to read better in their native language.

languages supported
awards & honours
Khajag large
Khajag Apelian
Type designer
David large
David Březina
Chief type officer
Lasko large
Lasko Dzurovski
Type designer
Sergei large
Sergei Egorov
Type designer
Anna large
Anna Giedryś
Graphic & type designer
Slavka large
Sláva Jevčinová
Type designer
Ross large
Ross Mills
Type designer
Ben large
Ben Mitchell
Type designer
Titus large
Titus Nemeth
Type designer
Octavio large
Octavio Pardo
Type designer
Florian large
Florian Runge
Graphic designer
Elena large
Elena Schneider
Type designer
Vaibhav large
Vaibhav Singh
Type designer
not stylistic variations

In our work, we hope to create more than just stylish fonts following the latest trends. We aim at lasting design qualities and strive to add value to our font solutions. The top-notch quality of our fonts released so far has been recognised by numerous design awards.

About us 3
Academic knowledge of latin & non-latin typography

High-quality design is not just good-looking, it is also readable, reliable and culturally sensitive. That is why we actively promote research and education in the area of multi-script typography and contribute to it ourselves.

About us 2
Connecting cultures
through better fonts

Multi-script fonts, i.e. fonts that support two or more scripts, are our speciality. They not only work well individually for each of the writing systems supported, but are designed to harmonise and work well together, making the life of any designer dealing with multiple scripts much easier.

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Rosetta’s core components

About circle 1 library
Retail library
Readily available fonts for numerous world languages
About circle 2 custom fonts
Custom services
Tailored fonts and consultancy for small and large companies
About circle 3 merchandise
Lovely merchandise
Typographic goodies that are nice too look at and educate
About circle 4 teaching
Sharing is caring
We give lectures, run workshops, and organize conferences