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Skolar Sans updated to version 1.5

Skolar Sans version 1.500 is out and includes numerous improvements some of which are detailed below. We had to rescale the small caps in order to make them work well in Cyrillic*. Apologies for any troubles this may cause. At the same time, we have finally added small caps to italics. The kerning and spacing have been greatly improved as well as the OpenType features (namely the language support). And we have added WOFF2 to the provided webfonts.

This is a free update for all existing customers including those with the free licences. There should be an email in your mailbox by now. As always, remember to keep a backup copy of the old fonts.

We are constantly improving our fonts. If you think they misbehave, do let us know and we will try to fix them for everyone.

* Yes, we have been developing Skolar Sans PE!

Skolar Sans received Silver from European Design Awards

Skolar Sans by David Březina and Sláva Jevčinová received Silver at the European Design Awards. Unfortunately, none of us could make it to Istanbul for the ceremony, so here is our virtual, nonetheless genuine, thank you!

Eskorte nominated for the German Design Award

Our type family Eskorte by Elena Schneider has been nominated for the German Design Award. Thank you for the honour!

Sketches on/of type

Our new merchandise ‘Sketches on/of type’ is a dos-à-dos sketchbook/primer with ten short texts on typographic refinements everyone should know about. Designed by our friend and famous Czech typophile Martin Pecina, it is available for order in our e-shop.

Skolar Sans on Typographica

Typographica’s selection Our Favourite Typefaces has become an annual online festival of remarkable type from previous years. So it is a great pleasure to find a review of our Skolar Sans from Aegir Hallmundur included in the 2014 edition.

“Skolar Sans is the hugely impressive — and huge, at seventy-two fonts — new companion to Rosetta’s Skolar.”
— Aegir Hallmundur on Typographica

The Hindu Business Line

The Hindu Business Line featured an article Type of things to come by Sibi Arasu about the state of type design for Indian languages. Rosetta’s and Vaibhav Singh’s work are indeed included together with other suppliers of Indic fonts.

Skolar Sans Release Reception

On Wednesday, 26 November 2015, at 5:30 pm we will hold a reception at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, to introduce our largest project so far – Skolar Sans. It has been in development for a long time (several years in fact), so anyone who would like to help introduce Skolar’s new colleague to the typographic world is very welcome. David Březina will give a short presentation about the process. There will be wine and all attendees will receive a significant discount on the fonts. Please do RSVP via Facebook (the event page), Twitter, or email, we look forward to seeing you there!

Font updates

We have been sending font updates for all our fonts in the past few days in order to provide all licensors with the most recent versions of our fonts. For some the new fonts may include only minor bug fixes, but if you purchased the fonts long time ago, you may see more dramatic changes and reflows (particularly Eskorte Arabic and Latin in version 1.3 which was remastered earlier this year). That is why it is always a good idea to backup the previous versions before updating. All updates are free to existing customers. Furthermore, customers who shopped on our old web will receive Studio licence versions which includes both OTF and TTF fonts.

Skolar PE Lights and version 3.2

Skolar PE has been updated to include Light and Light Italic, thanks to our “permanent intern” Anna Giedryś (so far Cyrillic, Greek, and linguistic extensions were not available in Light styles). Furthermore, in all the Skolar PE styles, we have added a couple of new characters (hwair, wynn, glottal stop, barred-G, K with caron, and candrabindu mark) useful for Gothic, Skolt Sami, and transliterations. In addition, this update includes improved mark placement on Cyrillic vowels.

Interview in 2+3D magazine

Major Polish design magazine 2+3D published a discussion between Czech book designer Martin Pecina and our own David Březina about non-Latin type design, e-books, design conferences, and other important topics.

Lecture during Meet Czech Design

On 10 September, David Březina will introduce Rosetta at a series of events Meet Czech Design organized by Moravian Gallery.