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Naming Sherpa Sans

Our dear colleague Jo De Baerdemaeker alerted us to the fact that he plans to release a font project of his own, and name it Sherpa. As you might know, we released a typeface named Sherpa Sans last month. We looked into the issue, and discussed it with Jo in the past few weeks. We suggested various ways to disambiguate the two projects. As a matter of fact, we do not see a problem in both projects co-existing peacefully in the font world. Jo’s project is based on his careful research into minority scripts used in the Himalayas. Ours is a flared lapidary Latin typeface, targeting the graphic-design market. Notably, there is a third, older project called, JI Sherpa. All three families are, in our opinion, sufficiently distinct and part of different market segments.

Sadly, Jo does not seem very happy with any suggestions we made and requested us to change the name, as he announced the name earlier. With all our projects, we undertake a thorough research, mapping existing designs and their names for potential conflict. We do not like stepping on anyone’s toes. Naturally, if we knew about his idea for the name, we would not have released a typeface with a name he wished for. As a courtesy. However, we are not very keen on changing a name of a released typeface for the sake of unreleased projects. It is a big deal, and it would not be fair to its author, either. So after a tough and somewhat disheartening decision process, we decided to stick with the name, despite the fact that it makes one of our colleagues unhappy. We are, however, commited to not use Sherpa as a name of its own for any future release to prevent any confusion.

Lecture in Paris

David Březina gave a lecture about our most recent projects at an event called Du monde entier au cœur du monde organized by Campus Fonderie de l’Image à Bagnolet in Paris. Small, but really nice event, audience, and colleagues presenting. You can see some photos on flickr. Thank you for having us!

Octavio at DesignFest 2015

Octavio Pardo presented about his design work at the ninth DesignFest in Guadalajara (Mexico) to an audience of over 1400 attendees. Here is a picture of him, larger than life Sutturah letters, and an excessive amount of smileys.

Khajag presented in Byblos

Khajag Apelian presented about his typeface Arek during a conference organized by the Lebanese American University in Byblos (Lebanon). Arek was also presented at the accompanying exhibition at the Byblos Cultural Center.

Ampersand conference is the best

After too-long break, one of our favourite conferences is coming back to Brighton (UK) this November. Professionally organised, with respected and only high-quality speakers, it presents content that is interesting to both the Letter people as well as the Web people. And we are extra excited since we are sponsoring this year—which also means that you can expect some free goodies lying around. And of course, we will be attending, come and say hello.

Lecture in Switzerland

David Březina have been invited to present at TypEast series of lectures in Bern (CH). In the lecture titled ’Letters of Rosetta: from Brno to Bern’, he will talk about his and Rosetta projects that come from the Eastern Europe, published (Skolar Sans) as well as upcoming (Yrsa, Clone). The lecture will take place on 22 October at 18:00 (more info on the web).

We are sponsoring Granshan

We will be sponsoring Granshan conference this year. The focus of the conference seems to resonate well with our long-term pursuits. Coincidentally, a few of our associates will be presenting as well: Ben Mitchell on Thai and Latinisation, Titus Nemeth on issues with harmonisation, and Vaibhav Singh on the need for more research-based design for world scripts.

Skolar Sans updated to version 1.5

Skolar Sans version 1.500 is out and includes numerous improvements some of which are detailed below. We had to rescale the small caps in order to make them work well in Cyrillic*. Apologies for any troubles this may cause. At the same time, we have finally added small caps to italics. The kerning and spacing have been greatly improved as well as the OpenType features (namely the language support). And we have added WOFF2 to the provided webfonts.

This is a free update for all existing customers including those with the free licences. There should be an email in your mailbox by now. As always, remember to keep a backup copy of the old fonts.

We are constantly improving our fonts. If you think they misbehave, do let us know and we will try to fix them for everyone.

* Yes, we have been developing Skolar Sans PE!