Jobs at Rosetta

Rosetta Type is hiring a studio manager and font engineer.

To apply, please send you CV and any other supplementary information such as references or a portfolio to The application deadline is 10 March 2019. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Studio manager (full-time)

Rosetta Type is looking for a studio manager for our office in Brno, Czechia. We work on custom typeface design projects for international clients and operate our own e-shop with retail fonts. If you are organized, independent, and enthusiastic about letters, words, typefaces, and communicating across cultures, we’d love to hear from you!

As our studio manager, you’ll be based at our headquarters in Brno, where you’ll be responsible for overseeing daily operations of a small team and a larger group of designers and engineers spread across the world. Daily tasks might include communication with clients and customers, communication with local and remote designers, maintaining our social media presence, project management, office admin, and other smaller tasks. Enthusiasm for typography and multicultural sensitivity are essential. We will look to you to bring order and chill vibes to our challenging, but exciting environment.


  • fluency in English
  • Czech is an advantage, but not required
  • any other language is a plus
  • independent and critical outlook
  • ability to learn new things all the time
  • ideally, you should be able to write well
  • experience working with a (design) team
  • experience with design or marketing is a plus
  • you would need to work from our office in Brno


  • 1500–2000 € monthly, depending on skills and experience
  • a one-year contract with a two-month trial period
  • the employment offer includes social and health insurance, and paid vacations
  • flexible hours
  • part-time position is possible

Font engineer (part-time position)

Rosetta Type is looking for a font engineer to work on a part-time basis, either from our office in Brno or based remotely with occasional visits. You’ll be working on very challenging but rewarding multilingual projects, developing new fonts, maintaining our library, controlling quality of our fonts, developing in-house tools, and occasionally helping with website management.

All this means you’ll likely have to learn a lot, but we also expect to learn a lot from you. For the right person, this job could be an interesting complement to an independent career in typeface design, web development, or computer science.


  • fluent in English or Czech
  • some of the following:
    • degree or experience in computer science
    • degree or experience in typeface design
    • experience in font engineering
  • problem-solving mindset
  • interest in multilingual typeface design
  • some experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • basic understanding of common font technologies
  • experience with contemporary font editors (Glyphs, Robofont, Fontlab)
  • having read Fonts & Encodings cover to cover is definitely a plus
  • optionally, experience with Python
  • optionally, experience with the so-called complex scripts (Arabic, Indian scripts, Thai, …)
  • willing to be based in Brno for an initial 6-week trial period on-site to learn about our workflow and tools


  • 1300–1600 € excl. VAT for 10 days monthly, depending on skills and experience
  • this would most likely be on a freelance basis with a 12-month contract
  • flexible hours
13 February 2019