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Skolar Sans 2.3 Vietnamese & Yoruba

Good news! We just released Skolar Sans version 2.3. The main addition is the support for Vietnamese and Yoruba in all weights and styles. The new addition was done by Sláva Jevčinová and David Březina with consultancy from Vietnamese type specialist Pham Đam Ca.

Designing for Vietnamese has its pitfalls, since it combines accents, which change base characters with marks which denote tonality. These often stack atop each other and need to create a harmonious whole on both the ‘accent’ as well as the ‘tonal’ levels.

We also updated the vertical metrics, and fixed minor bugs in the polytonic Greek, and the automatic mark positioning of the PE version. Apart from the Gothic letters, the character set of Skolar Sans PE is now nearly identical with Skolar Sans PE.

The update is free for existing customers of Skolar Sans and Skolar Sans PE, and the additional language support for Vietnamese and Yoruba is included in both. Keep in mind that the layout could reflow, and make a backup of your old fonts before replacing them with the new ones.

Sherpa Sans is now Gitan

Due to a dispute about the naming of one of our typefaces, Sherpa Sans, we were forced to rename the project. This included re-engineering of all fonts for all available formats, change the web & PDF specimens, edit all relevant texts, update existing customers with the new version, redesign parts of our printed promotional material, and issue of this statement. But what was most painful, was parting with a name that matched the project so well.

Despite our efforts to resolve the issue with Jo de Baerdemaeker, who asked us to change the name and stop all promotional efforts, he went on to submit a trademark registration. This is, it must be stated, for an unpublished design, with non-existing visual references of the font. Should the registration go through, it could potentially prevent us from promoting and distributing our typeface. We would rather design and have a good night sleep then fight foolish legal battles.

Finding a new name was tough. The name we have eventually chosen is Gitan. We and the author are very happy with it and hope it conveys the idea behind the design as well as its predecessor.